Welcome to Amnesty-Reform and Comply

Amnesty, a reprieve or pardon of a criminal act, is what is going to happen to the 11 million plus illegal immigrants who will avoid prison and or deportation during the next administration. Over 70% of Americans want a path to legal status for them and are tired of no resolution for comprehensive immigration reform. When both political parties "run the numbers", congress will see the financial benefits and savings of passing a bill that will take the issue off the table for the 2020 election. Both sides will derive political benefits from the new law. And of course it's the humane thing to do to protect our economy and keep families together.

We believe the immigration bill in the next administration will first secure the border, require illegals to pay back fines and taxes, be in a probationary period, and get sent to the back of the line. It's a path that will take years to comply. But it will be a path.