About Us

We are a group of technologists, visionaries, and entrepreneurs who are using the Internet to help solve the debt crisis facing so many Americans. Our first market to tackle is with the debt of traffic tickets, which seems to disproportionately affect drivers of lower incomes.

Our site is based on the word Amnesty, which means to receive a “reprieve or pardon”, but not without consequences.That said, we have created a platform where Consumers can get a reprieve, in the form of a discount, from the debt of their traffic tickets from participating Cities.

The technology doesn’t give them a free pass, just a path to relief for a set period of time (Amnesty Period). Consumers can come forward and either receive a flat rate discount or bid an amount to pay their ticket. The City sets the time parameters and can counter a bid during the auction period.

Our Team built the platform so just a set of emails could be used to bring the two parties together to resolve a debt. Consumers can comfortably use just an email to open an account and engage an old traffic ticket to receive a discount. Cities can extract revenue from old traffic tickets without turning Consumers over to collection, thus allowing lower income people a path back into their vehicles so they can get to work. 

It’s a Win-Win deal.