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Maybe it's time to see if your bank is willing to deal on the loan or credit card. Check out the offer online and make a deal before it's sent to collection or discharged. Today's banks need to deal online and retain customers, especially with millennials. Now is time to make a deal and wipe your slate clean! No need to create an account or share sensitive information to explore your options!

Get a discount, or place a bid.

You can take advantage of your Creditor’s offer of either a flat rate discount or an auction, whereby a reasonable bid can lead to an outstanding debt resolution. With the comfort of a non-disclosure agreement, both parties can make offers in privacy that they feel good about.

No personal information is required to identify the transaction

No phone calls or mail

It's easy - a new way to resolve your debt right from a cell phone

Clear your personal debt for peace of mind

Break the chain! Get your life back with a clean slate moving forward

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