Cities can now reach drivers with outstanding tickets by using our new easy-to-use platform. You can extract more revenue for your City by engaging Consumers with outstanding tickets or municpal violations and offering them a deal during an Amnesty Period.

Your time-consuming days playing debt collector are gone - calling land lines, pinging cell phones, and using snail mail, for little return. Consumers can now come forward via their smartphones when offered an attractive deal during a set period-of-time. Consider it a “Win-Win” - the city has an easy, low effort means to pursue outstanding revenue while helping those who are struggling to resolve outstanding debts, in a confidential, easy access environment.

Benefits for Cities

  Stress free environment for all participants
  Easy implementation with a user-friendly platform
  Increased revenue for the City
  Control over the Amnesty Period
  Flat rate discount or auction revenue goes directly to the City

If you're interested in our Amnesty program, please fill out the Contact Us form and we'll get back to you.

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